Threat Management

Progress Distribution is highly experienced at running on-site and remote managed security services for global companies, focused on quality of service delivery to the business.

A typical threat management service includes anti-virus, malware monitoring and management, intrusion detection and on-going compliance.

Service management

Progress Distribution’s approach combines its security, ITIL service management and people expertise to build trusted relationships with the client and security product vendor(s). We have TUPE’d existing teams into our client threat management operations, re-enthusing them and retaining their knowledge and skills within the business.

The service is truly driven on service management principles, rather than being led purely by technology. Progress Distribution specialists are able to confidently engage and discuss the real business and operational issues that concern clients’ IT security management teams. In this way our consultants’ own service improvement initiatives become aligned with those of in-house staff, so the benefits and results of the combined team’s activities can rapidly deliver direct benefits to the client and its users.

The service typically includes a simplified executive ‘dashboard’ reporting system to augment detailed monthly reporting, alongside continuous improvement measures.