We know what our partners know – the whole route to market for VAR’s and VAD’s has changed, unfortunately some mainline Distributors simply don’t get it. We get it – and as a result, we think and operate VERY differently. That’s why we think we can help you drive your new business! Progress operates a channel only model and do not take business directly from end users. Progress is a new technology incubator & distributor. Our clear mandate is to identify and introduce new tried and tested leading edge security and SaaS technologies to our channel partners in the UK and Northern Europe territories.

We understand VAR’s and SI’s are constantly on the look-out for exciting ‘hot’ new technology to create more value to their customer base and prospects.

They don’t have to go far; Progress offers technologies to forward thinking VAR’s to ensure larger recurring margin and revenue streams from existing customers whilst winning new customers brought to them by our experienced sales team.

While other distributors expect you to build market demand for them, Progress works differently. We help build that end user demand for you, financed by the vendors and Progress.

For those who want to shed their business shackles and work with an organisation as innovative as its Vendors, please contact us. I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised with our positive, recurring-revenue generating approach.

We think that creating new business opportunities and customers is a two-way partnership. Now, isn’t that a refreshing idea?

Progress CAPITAL

The smart and flexible way to purchase software

Let’s consign cumbersome and expensive ‘financing of deals’ to the history books!

Today, with Progress CAPITAL, we have a simple and efficient way to offer end-user organisations; tailored monthly, quarterly or annual billing from two to five years – on software, professional services, support and maintenance.

And it’s fast! With Progress CAPITAL, approvals can be as quick as 15 minutes. This means that deals can be agreed at business speeds, not slowed by convoluted finance processes.

Cash is King, that’s why 80% of the FTSE 500 do not use cash reserves to purchase software.

Being Opex and not Capex, everyone wins:

Customer benefits Partner Benefits
  • Increase profitability; put working capital to more profitable use.
  • Offer customers a solution for high value transactions.
  • Ease cash flow and get the software you need NOW.
  • Promote tax relief and a better return on investment.
  • Pay as you use.
  • Reduce credit risk.
  • TaaS fully tax deductible.
  • Offer customers a better alternative to traditionally slow and expensive banks.
  • Plan budgets; CFOs love fixed repayments.
  • Simple solution for all software/ancillary costs.


Progress offers TaaS to its resellers and their customers for all our solutions; Doc Authority, Entrust DataCard, Fortscale, IronScales, Secupi, Skybox and TrapX.

Irrespective of customer size, or industry, TaaS can make the acquisition of costly software and services far less of a burden on their cash-hungry business.


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