We work with a group of innovative vendors that are carefully selected to help our partners take advantage of emerging trends and technologies and to differentiate themselves. We provide training and enablement to prepare them to address the market, unique marketing programmes to generate opportunities, commercial support when they meet their customers and the technical resources required to win the projects uncovered by progress. We then feed the opportunities to our key channel partners in order to fuel the channel adoption of those new technologies – TRUE Value Add from a Distributor – Thoroughly refreshing for Resellers across EMEA.

Vendors for the Middle East and / Or European markets working with Progress include the following:


Assists to protect, retain or delete documents according to customizable business-centric rules


Entrust Certificate Services, SSL Digital Certificates & Management, Signing Certificates


Combine human intelligence with machine learning to automatically respond to email phishing attacks.


Stop hackers and malicious insiders in their tracks. Data Discovery tool in action


With Skybox on your team, you have total visibility of
your attack surface to contain cyberattacks immediately


Deception technology that provides real-time breach detection and prevention


CybereasonTotal Endpoint Protection, the most effective EDR, next-gen AV and monitoring services available. We are offense-minded, born and bred to hunt


Avecto’s award-winning Defendpoint software uniquely combines privilege management, application control and content isolation to protect your business


 Our data protection solutions enable organisations to protect data residing in all levels of the company, in both software and hardware