Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


  • Quantify your exposure to data leakage with a tailored and accurate assessment
  • Identify key areas at risk of data loss; broken business processes and employee awareness opportunities
  • Produce an actionable list of recommendations to support an effective information security strategy


Data loss, and the legal and competitive exposure threatened by a data breach event, is now the most prominent issue facing enterprise IT security executives. The threat is compounded as more technologies enter the enterprise, which makes it easy for sensitive data to become lost or leaked.

Progress Distribution’s risk assessment service is built using industry best practices and has been developed from real-world data loss prevention (DLP) implementations. It allows you rapidly assess the risk of data loss and to understand what to do next.

Company85 DLP risk assessment methodology

Progress Distribution’s DLP risk assessment methodology

Business benefits

  • Quantifiable assessment of the risk of data leakage
  • Reduced risk of unauthorised/accidental loss of intellectual property or commercial data to competitors
  • Improved ability to respond to compliance and privacy regulations
  • Improved visibility of where sensitive data resides in the business and how it is used within business processes
  • Improved management and control of data throughout its business lifecycle
  • Greater awareness and behavioural change across the business around protection of sensitive data


Risk Assessment report including:

  • Identification of key areas exposed to data loss
  • Practical recommendations to reduce the risk of data loss

Engagement requirements

  • Access to interview key DLP stakeholders
  • Access to documentation and outputs from DLP toolsets

Typical DLP risk assessments involve utilising out-of-the-box detection policies to identify potential risk areas, which may lead to exaggerated or unreliable results.

Progress Distribution utilises data privacy and data loss prevention expertise combined with industry best practices to provide a tailored, accurate and viable risk assessment report.

Why Progress Distribution?

  • Our holistic approach to keeping data secure, available, recoverable and discoverable can help you achieve results and help drive costs down
  • We are independent and unbiased – we don’t make money from selling software